2016 Senior Female Blokfest Champion

Watch the video of my 4 minute attempt on a bloc in the finals

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 12.47.39


Outdoor Climbing Achievements:

Sport Climbing Outdoors
8A/+ (Redpoint)
7C (Onsight)

Bouldering Outdoors
7A/V6 (Onsight)

Other Competition Results:
1st Place, LUBE White Spider
1st Place, LUBE Craggy Island, London November 2015

1st Place, RockOn Boot Demo, London, UK April 2015
1st place, CCS Local, Gainesville, FL, Feb 2011
2nd Place, La Sportiva Party Competition, London, UK, November 2012
2nd Place, Save the South bouldering, Tallahassee, FL, March 2011

3rd Place, LUBE Arch, London, UK March 2015
3rd Place, Blocfest, London, UK, December 2012
3rd Place, CCS USA National Competition, San Diego, CA April 2011
3rd place, Boulderpalooza, March 2011
3rd place, CCS National, April 2011
3rd Place, Save the South Bouldering, Tallahassee, FL March 2010